industry trends

A brief description of the development trend of fire cable

    First, product technology into the era of standardization, fire retardant rules and regulations to follow


    Wire and cable industry is second to the automotive industry industry in China, and domestic products meet the rate more than 90% market share, China as the world's one of the most important production base of cable products research and development, currently has a flame retardant fire-resistant, high temperature resistant low temperature resistance, low inductance, low noise, green environmental protection, low smoke zero halogen, ant rat resistance, waterproof and moistureproof, and a series of unique properties and the structure of the special cable products, and have formed a certain productive forces.With the continuous improvement of social requirements for security protection and system safety, through the extensive publicity, promotion and cooperation of government, industry and enterprise, the special cable products with high performance and high efficiency and safety will be widely used in all industries and systems as in western developed countries.


    Industry standard is the foundation of industry and enterprise development, and product technical standard is the effective guarantee of product quality.With the development and maturity of cabling industry in China, the national competent authority is vigorously promoting the standardization construction of cabling industry. At present, the formulation of technical standards for fire-retardant cable products has been included in the work plan of the next stage.With the joint efforts of the government, industry and enterprises, the production and quality assurance of fire retardant cable products will have rules to follow and laws to follow, and the technology and application of fire retardant cable will move forward rapidly towards more reliable and professional fields.


    Second, the fire continues to heat up, leading enterprises emerging to occupy the mainstream market


    China's integrated cabling industry in the competition to grow, after decades of development has formed a certain scale.Under the promotion of global economic integration, there will inevitably be leading enterprises among different products in the industry, and the industrial concentration degree will continue to improve.Only when industry concentration and leading enterprises emerge within the industry can a common development concept be established and formed.Only from the most basic survival considerations, enterprises can enter the scientific management, core technology, core products and other important aspects to promote the healthy development of the industry, in order to avoid the low quality and low-end unfair competition.The once chaotic competition between large and small cable manufacturers of varying quality and quality, and the vicious competition between some manufacturers lacking technical strength and capital scale in the industry for local interests and immediate survival will gradually end.


    Fire retardant at home and abroad, the leader has the initial signs of the industry, the domestic market of fire retardant cable has formed several mainstream enterprises, these enterprises extends through constant product and channel development, through continuous improvement of enterprise management and team building, both in the brand effect and improve the quality of the product, service has become more and more industry and on the specification of user acceptance and affirmation.It is believed that with the continuous improvement of industrial concentration and the continuous expansion of production scale of such enterprises, the productivity generated by scale will be fully reflected in the market, and cost-effective products and standardized services will occupy the vast majority of the cable market share.


    Iii. Users' attention has been constantly strengthened, and the service concept is being improved


    Cable products are responsible for the transmission of important data, images and other information in building and engineering safety systems.Due to insufficient attention paid by users or engineers to the procurement of cable products, especially fire-retardant cable products, it is common to encounter a series of problems endangering life and property, such as cables playing a role in assisting fire or even releasing poisonous gas in fire, resulting in considerable losses and negative effects.According to the profound lessons of the past, more and more users and engineers gradually pay attention to the selection and correct use of cable types, and gradually change the idea that the price dominates the selection of cabling cable products in engineering use.Through the joint efforts and publicity of the government, industry, engineering and production enterprises, the coexistence of high-end equipment and low-quality cables in the engineering system is less and less, and the important role of fire retardant cables in the use of engineering is increasingly recognized by everyone.


    Future of fire retardant cable manufacturing enterprises are not limited to products provide simple meaning, at this stage will also constantly extending chain at the same time, strengthen the service concept, to provide users with all compatible products, and for the product of the correct reasonable use provide full technical support and service, this will become a fire retardant cable wiring industry development trend of the market.


    Fourth, the road to internationalization is overwhelming


    "To do the world's cable enterprises, to build China cabling industry international national brand", has become the industry's outstanding enterprise development goals and corporate mission.In the belief that China's cable products have been widely into multiple areas of each industry, fire retardant cable with you to the attention of the security trend of internationalization and the requirements of the increasing demand, the domestic enterprises and advanced developed countries has a full range of international cooperation between enterprises, the present domestic several of the most powerful cable companies are following the international trend of development of the market, such as fire retardant special cable for a wide range of promotion, and spend a lot of money to carry on the independent research and development, a few years ago began to fully develop and launch the development strategy of globalization,Through extensive cooperation and exchanges in technology, capital, management and other aspects, the introduction of foreign enterprises advanced technology and management concepts, so that the strength of enterprises have been rapidly enhanced and developed.And actively go abroad, seek the international market, increase the export of products, there are a lot of fire retardant cable products exported to the world.