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What cable does the RTTZ-750 represent?

    RTTZ is mineral insulated cable


    First, the advantages of flexible fire cable


    1. Excellent fire performance, fire resistance not only meets the national standard GB12666.6 class A 950℃, 90min, but also meets the British bs6387-1994 class A 650℃ 3h;B 750 ℃ for 3 h;Grade C 950℃ 3h requirements;At the same time, it can withstand water spray and mechanical impact in combustion.


    2. Long continuous length, whether single core or multi-core cable, the length can meet the demand of power supply length, each continuous length up to 1000m;


    3. Large section, single core cable section up to 1000mm, multi-core cable section up to 240mm;


    4. Flexible, the cable can be coiled on the cable tray, its bending radius ≤20D (D is the cable outside diameter);


    5. When burning smokeless and non-toxic, the insulation is made of inorganic materials (non-combustibles), which will not produce any harmful gases during combustion, not to mention secondary pollution. It is called an environmental protection green product;


    6. Large overload capacity, the cable not only has a large load flow, but also has a large overload capacity.According to the wiring instructions, the surface temperature of the cable is usually ≤70℃. If the wiring is not touchable and does not contact with combustible building materials, the cable sheath temperature can be increased to 105℃.When the overload


    Flexible fire cable long-term operating temperature up to 250℃;


    7. Corrosion resistance, organic insulation refractory cables sometimes need to wear plastic pipe or iron pipe, plastic pipe is easy to age and become brittle, iron pipe is easy to rust, fire cable with copper sheath do not need to wear pipe, copper sheath is good corrosion resistance;


    8. Superior shielding performance. When the fire cable is laid in the same shaft with the information and control cable, it will not disturb the information transmitted by the signal and control cable under the shielding of copper sheath;


    9. Good safety performance, fire cable can normally supply power in flame, start fire extinguishing equipment, reduce fire loss, especially reliable for personal safety, its copper sheath is an excellent conductor, is the best grounding PE wire, and continuous to the full length of the cable, greatly improving the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection;


    10. Long service life, inorganic insulation material has high temperature resistance and is not easy to aging. Its service life is many times higher than that of organic insulated cable.


    11. The transportation and installation of flexible fireproof cables, including installation accessories, are similar to ordinary cables and relatively simple;


    12. Good economy, flexible fireproof cable due to advanced production technology, simple installation, under the same conditions, its comprehensive cost is significantly lower than mineral insulated cable costs.


    Second, flexible fire cable structure


    1. Cable conductor: twisted copper wires with good bending characteristics.


    2. Insulation layer: adopt inorganic insulation material with high temperature resistance and no combustion.


    3. Copper sheath: Copper material, specially processed with good bending characteristics, and used as PE wire.


    4. Outer protective layer: low smoke, non-toxic plastic material, with good anti-corrosion characteristics.


    Three, flexible fire cable application range


    1. Power supply for fire-fighting equipment in various buildings, fire elevators, etc.;


    2. Power supply for equipment and lighting systems in important buildings or densely populated buildings;


    3. Places with high ambient temperature, such as steel works, smelters, glass factories, etc.;


    4. Power supply for important inflammable and explosive occasions, such as petrochemical industry, coal mine and other equipment;


    5. Places requiring special cleanliness and hygiene, such as hospitals, food factories and other power supply equipment;


    6. Power supply for important military, national defense, aviation and satellite base equipment;


    7. Power supply for important equipment of power plants and nuclear power stations.