company introduction

        Anhui Baishang Cable Co., LTD. (formerly Anhui Baishang Cable Co., LTD.), located at the foot of the beautiful Dashushan National Forest Park, is a company specializing in the production of power cables as the main business, is one of the domestic wire and cable industry more varieties of products.The main products are: full series of civil installation wires, crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cables, overhead insulated power cables, PVC insulated power cables, control cables, computer shielded cables, instrument signal cables, rubber sheathed cables, bare stranded cables, all kinds of fire-resistant, fire-retardant, special wire and cable, etc.

        On the basis of quality, through continuous technological progress and scientific management, the quality assurance system of all aspects is established, the quality is strictly controlled, the true core is exchanged for the true heart, and we strive to do every one meter well for you.

        To survive by service, adhering to the simple idea that we should always be friends when we shake hands with each other, introducing advanced management concept and excellent customer service personnel, constantly improving the service quality, and striving for your satisfaction.

        Seek development with good faith, less than 1 meter, compensate 100 meters, dare to promise, never change.

        Sincerely recruit blank county agents, warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the factory, guidance.